Breakfast and snacks offered by Halina

The role of breakfast in the diet

Jednym z najczęściej popełnianch przez nas błędów jest rezygnacja ze śniadania. Poprzez szybki tryb życia, pozbawiamy się posiłku, który jest najistotniejszy w ciągu naszego dnia. Poniżej kilka powodów, które powinny przekonać wszystkich do spożywania rannego posiłku:

Health-giving properties of rice

Rice is the perfect complement to the diet. It contains digestible carbohydrates, protein and has lower fat content than any other grain. Subjected to the art parboiled retains 80% of vitamins and minerals. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, does not contain fat, non-sensitizing and does not contain gluten. It works perfectly as part of the diet of children, convalescents and above all fantastic tastes the same and as a component of thousands of delicious dishes. Rice three times during cooking swells by absorbing water in which it is cooked. Thanks to this quickly gives a feeling of satiety, and carbohydrate content makes it a long time do not feel hunger.

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