Offer rice brand Britta is tailored to different consumer tastes. We find a way 8 products, each of which has a chance to choose the most a corresponding. The brand offers white rice, jasmine, brown, basmati, paraboiled, wild, combining the last two types, ie. Wild & amp; paraboiled, and Rice 4 colors, which consists of the four varieties. In Poland, still dominates the white version of this cereal, but we hope that together with the brand Britta Poles are increasingly willing to reach also the other species that make spice up your home-cooked meals.

What it is actually rice

Rice is a cereal grass family. At the world famous more than 10 thousand. variants thereof. Depending on the variety matures 100 to 250 days. It is present on most continents and in many countries of the basic food product. The leader among the countries that consumes the largest quantity of rice, for many years invariably China. Eaten it there more than 130 million tons per year.

Health-giving properties of rice

Rice is the perfect complement to the diet. It contains digestible carbohydrates, protein and has lower fat content than any other grain. Subjected to the art parboiled retains 80% of vitamins and minerals. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, does not contain fat, non-sensitizing and does not contain gluten. It works perfectly as part of the diet of children, convalescents and above all fantastic tastes the same and as a component of thousands of delicious dishes. Rice three times during cooking swells by absorbing water in which it is cooked. Thanks to this quickly gives a feeling of satiety, and carbohydrate content makes it a long time do not feel hunger.

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