Wafers offered by Britta

Each 100g pack contains 14 crispy wafers, and one serving of jednyne 28 kcal.

Rice waffles

Rice cakes brand Britta is a proposal to fast, healthy and appetizing meal. Same wafers are low in calories and full of valuable nutrients and therefore especially good for a snack between meals, which quickly satisfy hunger and provide the body with an injection of energy. They can also be consumed as an alternative to bread. Delicious taste with both savory and sweet toppings.

Rice cakes brand Britta arise from brown rice, which is known for its high content of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Present in the crop potassium will take care of the blood pressure, strengthens the nervous system magnesium, iron and zinc, and protect us from loss of immunity. Before you get the final product, the grain is subjected to high temperature and pressure, which makes known to us, they take the form of – crunchy and nutritious wafers.

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